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Gay Opinion
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Opinions  from across America and around the world.  Editorials, op ed articles and columns of interest to the LGBT community. Split off May 6, 2005 from the gay news list.

Gay Opinions is a free e-mail service that delivers news stories of interest to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender people to your in box five days a week.

Each day stories are selected from around the country. We focus on national and international news. 

All messages are sent as blind copies (bcc's). The list is not shared with anyone. Each member may choose to be listed in an online directory and how much information to include.

If your inbox gets jammed, you can change your settings to have a daily digest sent (it is a big file that comes with a list of stories in the front) or to view the news on the web site.

Our goal is to help fight the isolation that plagues so many GLBT people. So come on and join the Gay Opinion community. Itís free, informative and 100% non-commercial.

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